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label_cartoon.jpgFor the first time ever, Canada's preferential treatment of Israel's illegal settlement goods is being challenged in government and in court.  Don't miss your chance to be part of it.  Write, call, organize and donate. 

The sale in Canada of unlawful, falsely labelled settlement wines is far from trivial.

Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories constitute war crimes under Article 49 of the 4th Geneva Convention. So does the commercial exploitation of the land and/or its people. Canadians have the right to make an informed choice before purchasing the products of an illegal enterprise.

By allowing unlawful Jewish-only settlements to sell falsely labelled wines on Canadian stores shelves, the Canadian government is effectively endorsing Israel's de facto annexation of the West Bank – in flagrant disregard of international law, and in contradiction with long-standing Canadian government policy:

  • that the West Bank is not part of Israel;
  • that Israel is an occupying power as defined by the 4th Geneva Convention (which proscribes settlements as a “grave breach”);
  • that the future of Israel – one of Canada’s dearest friends – is absolutely contingent on the creation of an independent Palestinian state;
  • that the final status of the Occupied Palestinian Territories can only be determined by direct negotiations between the parties, and
  • that unilateral moves by either party (e.g. sovereignty claims) are therefore inadmissible.

By basing its reversal of the original wine labelling decision on an erroneous interpretation of the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement (CIFTA), the Canadian government suggests that trade agreements trump Canadian consumer protection law and international laws which Canada is duty-bound to uphold.

For all of these reasons, Canadians are requested to undertake the following actions:

1) Contact your Member of Parliament (via email or post). Tell them that the true origin of unlawful settlement wines must be indicated on wine products on Canadian store shelves.

You can also contact or cc: the following minister responsible for related files:

2)  Drop in to your local liquor store. See if any unlawful settlement wines (Psagot Winery  and Shiloh Winery) are on the shelf. If they are, tell the store manager – politely but firmly – that they must be truthfully labelled, or removed.

3) Support our GoFundMe campaign. Ontario lawyer Dimitri Lascaris is representing Kattenburg on a pro bono basis, but other legal costs are anticipated. Funds will be used exclusively to cover legal costs. Unspent funds will be donated to not-for-profit Palestinian solidarity organizations in Canada.

Please make your contribution at: https://www.gofundme.com/labeltheoccupation



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